About Intebloc

It’s simple - lifting is integral to all supply chain processes. By speeding up crane operations by around 25 to 30%, we can streamline your entire process, increasing productivity and efficiency, with significant cost savings to all of our clients.

We guarantee to make significant health and safety improvements to your lifting environment, in any industry. Our initial product, Rig-Ware™ has been proven to reduce Lost Time Incidents (LTIs) due to lifting equipment failures and DROPS (objects dropped from heights). In fact during 2017 – 18 most LTIs on the UKCS were caused by DROPS. Our vision is to tackle these issues head-on, keeping your workforce safe.

Our technology has the added advantage of reducing carbon emissions from cranes and vessels.


Ross McLeod

Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director, Ross McLeod, has spent his career working in the lifting sector, something he directly attributes to Intebloc's success in finding solutions to industry challenges – experience informing innovation.

Ross began his working life at the age of 19, spending the majority of his time in West Africa, where he became a lifting authority. During this time, he was involved in carrying out lifting investigations on an almost monthly basis as a result of inefficient and unproductive crane operations.

Witnessing a fatality during a lift had a profound effect on Ross, sowing the seeds of his ideas for devising technology aimed at preventing such tragic outcomes in future.

After 10 years in the industry he took on the role of European and African Manager for a pioneering global company. Having worked in the offshore and onshore sectors and been involved with investigations, Ross has a broad overview of the challenges inherent in crane operations across a wide range of industries.

Having helped to substantially grow the business, Ross decided the time was right to distil all his experience and expertise into forming Intebloc and developing the solutions he knew would revolutionise the industry.


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