Changing Times

By working closely with our industry partners and customers, we design and develop improved products and systems that are straightforward and easy to use.

Our technology provides greater control and improved efficiency with easy interfaces. We achieve this by maximising the use of automation, smart data collection and insightful analysis. This yields long term commercial, safety and environmental benefits.

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The driving force in transforming lifting technology

Founded in 2017 we are well positioned to capitalise on many recent technological advances.

At the core of our company is a technology roadmap. This provides a moving 5-year development plan, which identifies the incremental and step changes in our solutions.


90+ years expertise

Our senior management team comprises of three individuals with a total of 90+ years’ experience in engineering, energy, construction, marine, crane & lifting operations.

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By collaborating with a broad spectrum of partners from industry, academia and our customer base, we ensure that our solutions meet the needs of the industry and are proven and validated.

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We can help you increase productivity, improve safety and save costs.