Our Rig-Ware™ intelligent deck management software has the ability to transform lifting operations and supply chains for asset owners across multiple industries.

It’s simple - lifting is integral to all supply chain processes. By speeding up crane operations by around 25 to 30%, we can streamline your entire process, with significant cost savings to all of our clients.

Transformative solutions for more efficient, safer lifting.


Elevating lifting operations to the next level - our innovative deck management solutions increase productivity and safety, while driving down operational costs and carbon footprint.

Intebloc was established by Ross McLeod in Aberdeen in 2017. With Ross’s extensive experience as a lifting authority, Intebloc is uniquely placed to understand and address the safety and efficiency challenges of lifting across a wide range of sectors, from construction to oil and gas – a solution for every market.

A passion for improving lifting performance through innovative solutions drives Intebloc’s mission to develop industry-leading crane and lifting technology and various intelligent work platforms.

Our systems have a major impact on streamlining the supply chain (cranes and lifting), while simultaneously enhancing safety in any lifting environment.



Solutions which enhance safety and address some of the most common lost time incidents across several industries. Increased lifting productivity means significant cost savings.



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Did you know that the emissions created by a supply vessel can have the same effect on the environment as 280 + cars running?

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