Safe Lifting Technology

Poor deck management leads to inefficient and unproductive lifting, which has significant time, cost and safety implications for a host of markets, including construction, and the onshore and offshore environments.

Weather windows also bring their own challenges when it comes to offloading containers from vessels. Inefficient lifting, involving lost time due to unnecessary internal lifts, can mean missing out on weather windows, and disrupting the supply chain.

At Intebloc we have focused our extensive experience and expertise into developing an intelligent deck management software system which tackles each of these challenges, and transforms lifting operations.



Rig-WareTM is an intelligent software package which enhances lifting environment safety, improves efficiency and streamlines supply chains for asset owners across all industries.

A lifting equipment and DROPS asset tracking system, Rig-Ware™ is designed to prevent lifting equipment failures, along with DROPS (objects/tools that fall from heights). It controls and tracks assets, protects equipment such as DROPS tools, and assists with deck management.

Rig-WareTM enhances safety while addressing some of the most common Lost Time Incidents (LTIs) across multiple industries. Increasing lifting productivity saves you time and money.

Our goal is to ensure that personnel work safely, while simultaneously increasing efficiency.


Further new, innovative, patented technology coming soon.  Get in touch to find out more.


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